About Us

Who’s on your ConComm

(L. to R. standing) Adrian, GomeisaNeelie, the Cap’n, Jamie, Wolf, Mags
(L. to R. front) Jackette, Brenda

Jamie and Jackette – Co-Organizers, Hotel Liaisons and Event Planning
Mags – Volunteers and Silent Auction
GomeisaNeelie (formerly Chrysalis) – Dealers and Registration
Brenda – Photographer
Adrian – Friday Events Coordinator
Wolf – Webmaster

Who are we? Good question! We are seven fans who seem to have lost our minds. Back in 2006 the studio was releasing season one of The Sentinel on DVD. A small group of people decided to get together to celebrate. This small group quickly grew and grew and eventually it was decided that an outside location was going to be needed. This was the very simple birth of Tribal Forces.

Over the past few years we have survived many situations:
– business meetings that we disturbed with our vids and laughter
– cranky hotel guests who had ridiculously early flights
– national high school debate team mobs bowling us over in hotel hallways
– nosy hotel guests who just wanted to check out our items
– oh and let us not forget the MMOMs *shudders*

We survived these and have spent much time laughing over it all. If you want to see a Tribal Force person cringe just mention the acronym MMOM.

Given all of this we still love putting this event on for everyone. We’re committed to making sure everyone has a fantastic weekend.