Frequently Asked Questions

So you have some questions about Tribal Forces do you?!?! ? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

1 – How many people attend Tribal Forces?

Tribal Forces is a pretty small convention. On average we have around 50 people attending the event each year.

2 – Do you have dealers tables?

Yes we do have a few dealers tables, though not many.

3 – What kind of dealers do you have?

We have two wonderful dealers that have been with us since day one, a jewelry dealer and a zine dealer. However, we almost always have space for additional dealers. We don’t usually worry about what people sell we just ask that it be legal (i.e. no burned DVDs and no fic printed from the web).

4 – How much does it cost to obtain a dealers table?

At the current time there are no fees to get a dealers table and we’re still open to taking dealers on.

5 – Does Tribal Forces have any auctions?

Yes Tribal Forces runs a Silent Auction. The auction has all sorts of fannish fare – from handmade items to autographed pictures and DVDs. Items with more than 2 bids go to live auction on Saturday night. All items in the auction have been donated from convention members.

6 – Does Tribal Forces have an art show and/or art auction?

We’d love to get to a point where we have an art show and auction but right now we’re still too small. If we had any art that was donated it would be part of the silent auction right now.

7 – Does Tribal Forces have a FREE table?

Yes we always have a table for free stuff that fan’s just want to get rid of and aren’t looking to sell.

8 – When are the schedules released?

Much goes into creating our schedules. Because we ask our general population to moderate discussion panels we don’t usually release the “final” schedules to the group until the week before the convention.

9 – Does Tribal Forces have a ConSuite?

Why yes we do. The ConSuite hosts a TV and DVD for anyone to use and lots of snacks.

10 – What’s around the area?

Check out the Hotel Information page of the website to see what’s around the area.

11 – Where can I find more information about Tribal Forces?

We have a number of sources. First and foremost is our Yahoo! Group – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PAFanGathering/. This location is the most up dated space.

We also have a LiveJournal – http://community.livejournal.com/tribalforces/profile, but it’s not as updated as the email group.

We’ve also just started using Twitter – http://twitter.com/TribalForces#

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in this FAQ please email jackette2001@gmail.com.