(Links and descriptions by Rebecca.)

With our busy schedules it isn’t always easy to keep up with our favorite celebrities, TV shows, or movies. These sites may be helpful to you. Not only to find current movies, but they have interviews, DVD release dates, articles from various newspapers and magazines, and a host of other resources. This is a terrific site to look up anyone in the entertainment industry, not just actors, but also behind the scenes people. Official movie websites, upcoming movies that are in pre and post production, lists of awards tv shows and movies have won, etc.. There is also a community message board where you can ask questions and find kindred souls for that tv show/movie/actor that no one else have ever heard of. (Except other people who go to Tribal Forces, of course) I don’t know how I lived before I signed up for this web site. You sign up (it’s free) and you get a listing two weeks in advance of anyone or anything you typed in as a favorite. They list every TV station that you can possible have in your area. You can put in specific actors, TV shows, sporting events, and there are a myriad of combinations to put into the website. You will never miss seeing an actor you like on a TV show he did 15 years ago because you didn’t know a rerun of it was playing. In addition to other areas of interest, there are plenty of articles and interviews with actors/celebrities in this LGBT blog. This is a great website to see both new and old shows. Did you miss John Barrowman hosting “Keys to the Castle?” Well, they have it here, as well as thousands of other shows. This website is full of photos of shirtless celebrities. Obviously, there is a *LOT* of humor on this website. How can you not love a website that has a section called “Adorkable of the Year?” A good celebrity website.