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2017 Main Schedule FINAL

Click to download the official schedule with full panel descriptions.

Tribal Forces 2017 Discussion Schedule
Time Panel Moderator Location
Prior to opening the Gaming room and meeting rooms will be open for general use and general hangout
4pm Registration – MTAC Opens
7pm Dinner & Game Night Ice Breaker Jackette MTAC/Courtyard
9pm Open Gaming Sessions ** Gaming
Time Panel Moderator Location
8am Dealers set-up ** MTAC
9am Registration – all rooms open ** ALL
9:30am Kick-off, Welcome and Announcements Jackette MTAC
10am Ingress and Pokemon Go! Cyanne/Sonia Interrogation 1
  Really? We’re watching the Fox network? Mags Interrogation 2
11am A Call to Arms EE Interrogation 1
  Serving President Asher Ker Interrogation 2
12 noon NCIS Jackette Interrogation 1
  The Hidden Women of NASA GomeisaNeelie Interrogation 2
1pm Tarot/Oracle chi Interrogation 1
  Sense8 Adrian Interrogation 2
2pm I had to stop watching/reading when… Mags Interrogation 1
  Non-Superhero Comics GreyBard Interrogation 2
3pm Afternoon Tea Ker Reception Area
4pm Science of Sexual Fluidity chi Interrogation 1
  The End of Sherlock? Khylara Interrogation 2
5pm Takarazuka Revue GreyBard Interrogation 1
  The Faces of Fandom EE Interrogation 2
6pm Convention and Dealers Room closes for the night ** MTAC
6:05pm Basket Raffle Ends ** MTAC
6:05 –
8:30 pm
8:30pm LIVE Basket Raffle Drawing Mags MTAC
9pm VidShow & Chocolate PJ Party by Kat MTAC
11pm Open Gaming Sessions ** Gaming
Time Panel Moderator Location
9:30am Doors re-open ** ALL
9:45am Announcements – Auction winners posted Jackette MTAC
10am Non-Network Original Content Mags Interrogation 1
  Santa is real! Magic and science and The Library Chi Interrogation 2
11am The Good, The Bad and the WTF? Justhuman Interrogation 1
  Slash Couples Adrian Interrogation 2
12 noon The British take on Police Partners Ker Interrogation 1
  What has you headed to The Great White Way Brenda Interrogation 2
1pm The Crown and Victoria Jamie Interrogation 1
  Marvel on Netflix Justhuman Interrogation 2
2pm Chainging Pairs Adrian Interrogation 1
  Sleepy Hollow 2.0 Mags Interrogation 2
3pm Dead Dog hour Jackette/Jamie MTAC
4pm Thank you’s – Convention closes Jackette MTAC
Note – Moderators should end their discussions 5 minutes before the start of the next discussion.